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  Международный аудит по стаднартам МСФО в Казахстане  
  International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS 19), Insurance and Employee Benefits Calculation in Каzakhstan  
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We offer our clients tailored and high quality services in actuarial calculations in accordance with IFRS requirements of IFRS 19 Kazakhstan and IAS 19 Kazakhstan.
Some of the issues which require special attendance from actuarial point of view in order to receive an adequate assessment under IFR Standards involves the following points due to IFRS actuarial valuations of Kazakhstan and IFRS actuarial calculations of Kazakhstan:

  • assistance in forming main actuarial assumptions in respect dynamics of financial and population forecasts, which have to be used as a base for assessing the obligations in IFRS actuarial valuations of Kazakhstan and IFRS actuarial calculations Kazakhstan;
  • studying terms and conditions of pension plans and other applicable social benefits in IAS actuarial calculations of Kazakhstan and IAS actuarial valuations of Kazakhstan;
  • introducing a correct classification for long term obligations (plans) in accordance with international standards of IFRS actuarial calculations of Kazakhstan;
  • processing information on company’s employees and identifying the group entitled to certain benefits;
  • developing method for calculating actuarial discounted value of the future payments;
  • developing mathematical appropriate model helping to assess payments which may vary depending on population and financial factors applicable in a given economy according to IFRS 19 Kazakhstan and IAS 19 Kazakhstan;
  • assessing company’s future obligations which shall form a part of final financial report and statement;
  • preparing report which includes discounted value of obligations, deficit or profit etc.;
  • preparing sensitivity analysis.


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